LA County Recorder-New Submission Policies

In order to serve ALL of our counter customers in the most fair and efficient method, effective Monday, April 16, 2018 the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk’s Norwalk office will be making the following changes to the acceptance of documents for recording and/or filing over the counter:

1. In Document Analysis and Recording all Courier and bulk windows will be closed starting
at 4:30PM each day. Customers are welcome to use our drop off method for these
documents brought in after 4:30PM at window.

2. In Business Filing and Registration, all customers with greater than 3 documents must be
in line by 4:30PM. Customers with more than 3 documents are welcome to use our drop
off method if they arrive after 4:30PM. In addition, to be as equitable as possible customers cannot take up more than one window at a time.


NOTE: All packages referred to above may include all document types, submitted by any
party, with the exception of Title Company prepared documents.


If you have additional questions or need clarification please contact:
Document Analysis & Recording – Natasha Campbell at (562) 462-2114
Business Filing & Registration – Maria Garcia at (562)462-2122.



CLICK HERE to view the official notice.

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