LASC Civil Limited Mandatory eFiling with Unlimited Now Permissive

LASC-Civil Limited eFiling is Mandatory as of today, Monday, December 3rd. Civil Unlimited is also eFiling Permissively today as well and will become Mandatory on January 2nd. This is subject to changes made by the court.

LASC: Limited eFiling Tutorial (Case Initiation)

LASC: Limited eFiling Tutorial (Subsequent eFiling)

During the Permissive phase, physical filings picked up on route will still be filed, as usual, under the Retainer Coverage. We are live for eFiling Civil Unlimited with the court Today, December 3rd, and encourage all of our clients to begin utilizing the portal to eFile directly with the court. This is the perfect time to practice and get comfortable with eFiling.

Be aware that issues with the Electronic Filing Manager (Journal Technologies) and the Court’s internal Case Management System can arise. Please report any issues you may be encountering when eFiling. We have customer service representatives standing by and have also created a “Service Ticket” web page so that we can address any issues that may arise. A link to this page can be found on our homepage. Our staff will be working hard to solve any problem you encounter and contact you as soon as possible with a solution.

We know you may have questions regarding eFiling in LASC Civil, so we have posted an FAQ document on our website.

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