Presiding Judge Kevin C. Brazile signed an extension of his March 17 Order
pursuant to the emergency powers granted to him by Chief Justice Tani G. CantilSakauye under Government Code 68115. Under the April 14 Order, all courtrooms
will remain closed for judicial business through May 12, except time-sensitive,
essential functions.


“This extension is necessary to continue social distancing in our courthouses as we
balance public health and safety while maintaining access to justice for timesensitive, essential matters,” Presiding Judge Brazile said.


All Civil jury and non-jury trials scheduled between April 17 and May 12, 2020, will
be continued to a date after June 22, 2020. Parties will be notified of the continued
trial date. All pretrial dates for trials scheduled during this time period also are
continued consistent with the new trial date. The Order is attached.

Presiding Judge Brazile’s April 14 order adds three new essential duties to the list.


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