Los Angeles


Photo of Paul Layfield

Paul Layfield: Paul is Vice-President at Janney & Janney, and our Court Services Manager at the Los Angeles office. He oversees all of the employees in the Court Services Department. Paul was hired at Janney & Janney in 1991 as a specials/process server, and then transferred to the court department 8 months later. Within two years Paul became the assistant manager, and was then promoted to the Court Services Manager in 2002.



Photo of Gloria Leyva-Sanchez

Gloria Leyva-Sanchez: Gloria has been with Janney & Janney since 1981. She started working for Janney & Janney as a part time employee while she finished her degree at Cal State Los Angeles. Gloria’s primary role is managing the Human Resource Department, but her other responsibilities include payroll, accounts payable, and numerous other administrative duties.



Photo of Margarita Abeshyan

Margarita Abeshyan: Margarita has 20+ years of experience in the Attorney Service field as a supervisor and team leader. She has been with Janney & Janney since 2007. Margarita is our Service of Process Supervisor at our Los Angeles location. She oversees the setting up of process and making sure it’s served correctly, as well as supervising the preparation of proofs, non service reports, and declarations.



Photo of Andrew Gowing Andrew Gowing: Andrew is currently our Director of Business Development and has been with Janney & Janney since 2009.  After 4 yeas of running a route and serving papers, he was promoted to direct all Marketing and Sales activity. Andrew oversees the website, maintains client relations,  organizes client training, and wears many other hats within the company. He currently is the Secretary-Treasure of CALSPro, sits on the Board of Directors, and holds the Chair of the Continuing Education Committee.



 Matthew Janney: Matthew has been working in the legal support industry for over 10 years, and even more than that if you count the years spent growing up around the office. He is a registered process server and still serves a few papers every now and again. Matthew’s role now primarily includes Accounts Receivable and Business Development responsibilities. Matthew is part of the Executive team weighing in on key decisions for the company.



Orange County


Photo of Jackie Janney-Kilgore

Jackie Janney-Kilgore: Jackie was hired at Janney & Janney in February of 2003. She started working in the process department handling proofs of service and assisting clients. In August of 2013, Jackie was promoted to Assistant Process Manager. She is now a Notary Public, and our Orange County Office Manager.



Photo of Jay Roll

Jay Roll: Jay is currently our Director of eFiling, and has been with Janney & Janney since the year 1999.  After just one year of being hired, he was promoted to Central Court Manager. Jay oversees the completion of all eFilings in Orange County, and works directly with our technology team on any issues that may arise. Jay currently sits on the Board of Directors of CALSPro and holds the Chair of the Web and Technology Committees.



Photo of Andy Spielman

Andy Spielman: Andy has been with Janney & Janney since 1992 and has been working in the legal support industry for over 22 years. As one of our court supervisors, Andy uses his extensive knowledge and experience with the court system to ensure that all assignments are completed as per clients instructions. His expertise definitely makes him a favorite among our clients.



Brian Janney: Brian has been working in the legal support industry Photo of Brian Janney for over 15 years, that doesn’t include the years he has spent growing up around the family business. He is experienced in all aspects of the company, from running routes to serving papers, he has done it all . Brian’s role now includes helping to oversee day to day operations and weighing in on key decisions for the future.





Photo of Brett Peters

Brett Peters: Brett has been working in the legal support industry for over 20 years. He has been with Janney & Janney since 2007 as the manager of our Ventura office. Brett has served on the board of Directors for CALSPro, as well as held the Treasurer, Vice President, and President positions. He has also served as the Chairman on various CALSPro committees. Brett was the 2013 recipient of the Bert Rosenthal Award, which is awarded for outstanding and dedicated service toward perpetuation and elevation of the photocopy and process serving industries.


Photo of Theresa St. Germain

Theresa St. Germain: Theresa has been with Janney & Janney since 2009, as the Court Services Manager at our Ventura office. She started in the industry in 2004 as a route person and a court runner. Before that, she had never heard of an attorney service. Today she manages our court services department, is a California Notary Public, and assists Brett with managing the office.



Inland Empire

Photo of Robert Delgado

Robert Delgado: Robert is the Office Manager at our Inland Empire office, located in Riverside. He is responsible for running the day to day operations of both court services, and service of process. Robert has 22 years of experience working in the legal support industry, and has been with Janney & Janney since the year 2000. Robert is a registered process server, a member of CALSPro, and a Notary Public.