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We do require payment information to be provided when creating a new account. We provide an ACH (Debit) option in lieu of sending in paper checks. With the advancement of the electronic submission of documents it is most efficient to utilize the electronic processing of payments. 

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First register an account through the online registration process. Once you have done that, contact your local Janney & Janney Office in order to get a Retainer Account started.

Janney Portal

No, it is not a required field. When you check the “Deliver Courtesy Copy” box an additional order is created and additional fees may apply.

When submitting a court filing as a “Route Pickup” if the Jurisdiction is covered on a same day basis under the Retainer, you will only be given an “Urgent” service level option.

Your e-filing goes through the Janney Portal (EFSP), into the Electronic Filing Manager (EFM) and is put into a queue to be reviewed by a court clerk. The court will review your documents and then either reject, accept, or partially accept your documents. If accepted, they are deemed filed as of the date and time you submitted them. You will receive an email once the documents have been reviewed. Conformed copies are contained in our portal, as well as within the email you receive from the court.

If you require a special pick up, you must notify us by an email or a phone call  to your local Janney & Janney office.  Writing your request in special instructions within the portal is not sufficient.

If you are not given a Routine service level option, that would be because we do not service the selected jurisdiction on a Routine basis. Please see your rate sheet for what service levels are offered for which jurisdictions.

“On-Demand” orders are handled within two hours of when the assignment is submitted. For Court orders that means filed within two hours of submission. For Service of Process orders that means the first attempt within two hours of submission.

In the “Documents” tab within an order, once a delivery method (i.e.: Route Pickup) has been selected and the document titles have been entered, the other delivery methods disappear. To make the other delivery methods appear again, simply delete all document titles by clicking on the red X to the right of them.

Our portal requires a State Bar number to be entered in the User Settings in order to recognize an attorney for the firm in this drop down menu. To edit these settings, just go to “My Profile” and select the “User Settings” tab.

When creating an e-filing order for a case initiation, yes you absolutely have to add all parties involved. When creating any other order type it is not necessary. We suggest you only add the first defendant and first plaintiff listed. This will create an accurate short case title within the portal.

When you click on “Print Route Pickup Page” the instruction form should pop-up in a new tab within your browser. If it does not pop-up it is most likely because your pop-up blocker is not allowing it to. Please make sure that your pop-up blockers are disabled for our site. You can manage these settings within your browser settings.

Once an order has been submitted, the user cannot change any of the information within the order. Please double check all order information before submitting. You must contact your local Janney & Janney Office to modify any order information.

You can edit certain case information under the “Manage Cases” tab by selecting the case you need modified, then clicking on “Edit Case”. Make sure you save any changes.

Document retrievals are most efficiently handled directly through the portal, no printing of an instruction form needed. If you are looking to avoid the convenience fee on an advance, the best option is to have ACH (Debit) on file. See Accounting/Payment FAQ.

When submitting a “Route Pickup” order, the service level options will display the words “on retainer” when a filing is covered under the retainer at no additional charge.

The “Lead client” is the party that your firm represents. Selecting a Lead client is required.

When submitting documents with the Sheriff please select the corresponding jurisdiction and explain in the special instructions that you would like the documents filed directly with the Sheriff’s Office.

In order to input both hearing dates you must create two separate orders or create a Process Order with multiple entities. Each subpoena will require its own proof of service so two orders must be generated.

Our long-term goal is to have all proofs uploaded back into the system. Currently only proofs on Uploaded orders can be found within your “Closed” orders, under the “Documents” tab, within each specific order. We are currently utilizing the routes for the return of proofs of service for orders submitted by Retainer clients via their daily pickup.

Our cut-off time is typically 2:30pm. You can still submit an order after the cut-off time, we just need you to contact your local Janney & Janney Office to communicate that you would like your order attempted the same day of submission.

You can indicate that you would like multiple attempts per day in the special instructions. Our policy is one attempt per day, so be aware that requesting multiple attempts per day will incur additional charges.

Account Settings

At the Janney portal login page ( there is a “Forgot Password?” function. Click on the “Forgot Password?” link and enter your user email address to retrieve your forgotten password from your email.

Two ways: The admin on the account can login and add a user in the “User Settings” tab found under My Profile, located in the upper right-hand corner. Or you can add a user at the Portal Registration page, selecting “Add a User to an Existing Account”. If you are unable to add a user with either method, please contact your local Janney & Janney Office. 


We do not accept payment information over the phone. The admin on your account can log into the portal and update payment information in the “Payment Information” tab found under My Profile, located in the upper right-hand corner.

You can view invoices on closed orders within the “Closed” orders tab as well as within the “Manage Cases” tab. Make sure to click on and expand the individual order within each tab in order to view the invoice. There will be a “View Invoice” button available within each order. Please note that if the order is not a billable item, there will be no invoice.

The payment options offered are: Credit Card payment ran on a daily basis or ACH (Debit) payment ran on a weekly basis.

When any fee is advanced by Janney & Janney on your behalf, the fee on the advance corresponds with the form of payment your account has on file. The associated convenience fees are as follows: ACH (Debit) 0.0%, Credit Card 3.5%. Open Credit 10.0%.

You are given the option to attach a check to your Document Retrieval order. The most efficient option would be to have ACH (Debit) on file for payment in order to avoid a convenience fee on an advance.